What got me so interested in Linux?
> I met this one hacker through a girlfriend (her roommate and ex-boyfriend, don't ask) while I was in high school, he was in college at UTA. I noticed he was running (Red Hat) Linux (before it was cool), I was intrigued by the command line, and the fact that you could build whatever you wanted, and it was free. After graduating in 2001, had a rough after high-school experience, then in 2004, I got my sh__ together and began learning Linux. While doing some volunteer work, I found a laptop in a bin of other electronics being tossed in the trash. I loaded FreeBSD 5.4 on it. It only had 32MB of RAM, and I wasn't even sure it worked until I bought a cdrom drive for it. I was amazed at well it handled compared to Windows, I was hooked. In 2006, I started taking classes in UNIX Administration using Solaris 10, then I landed my first gig with C I Host. Now, I'm digging into Penetration Testing and other aspects of Information Security.

What am I doing right now?
> DevOps, Python, Penetration Testing

What's up with the domain name:
> I support Servers and I've always been interested in Hacking.

Why all the green text?
> Have you ever used a Terminal?
> I prefer the color scheme, it has that old-school look and feel to it.